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The Stomp38 is a yacht capable of matching 40 footers upwind on the racing circuit while retaining exciting downwind performance.


Although the Stomp38 is primarily designed as a race boat a huge amount of energy and design technology has been put in to enhance cruising potential while maintaining or slightly improving on original performance. The topsides have been lifted slightly to make the boat drier to sail. The interior has been enlarged with a slightly longer cabin and is fully moulded with basic yet functional galley.  
A fully enclosed head and Interior lights and circuit panel are standard. The main hatch is low profile with drop in washboard and the foredeck hatch is a round Lewmar.

The large functional cockpit with all top line controls perfectly placed for ease of sailing by the racing crew of 8 or a smaller crew for shorthanded racing or cruising. The floor mounted traveler gives walk- through ease of movement. Smaller sailors will really appreciate tacking the jib, as the largest headsail is only 115%.
Winches are handily placed for the mainsheet, which leads forward under the deck to the mast then up and back along the boom. Controls for the retracting, articulating 3.5m carbon prod are located on either side of the cockpit. These controls rotate the prod aft in order that lower angles can be sailed downwind at an exhilarating pace. One of the big innovations on this boat is an electronically push button controlled trim tab on the rear of the keel. This provides extra lift uphill while retaining low drag off the wind. A repeater on the instruments allows the crew to see the trim angle at all times.

The lifting keel option with centrally mounted hoist position on top of the keel means the Stomp38 can be dry sailed or trailered using an appropriate tow vehicle to your favorite regattas. The keel is hoisted with the optional electrically operated hydraulic system and is push button simple. For those with deep water marinas the keel is simply pinned in the down position.

This is an excellent boat for offshore regattas or harbour racing – with the bonus of being able to slide away for a weekend’s fast cruising with a few friends.

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The boat excels in all wind conditions and will thrill all with its easily handled asymmetric spinnakers.

While the Stomp38 has been designed as a One Design racing yacht its design and speed characteristics make it an ideal choice for the PHRF and IRC racing circuits.

The large cockpit is well laid out and all controls are easy to use. A feature is the ergonomically designed cockpit coamings that are both comfortable to sit in while cruising and position the race crew for their duties.

The wide flat coaming runs along the cabin sides to house the jib tracks off the deck, alleviating those toe catching bumps. The helmsperson is comfortably supported by the rounded coaming and custom footrest.

Twin topmast backstays are used to adjust forestay tension upwind and to support the rig when hard running. As the rig is well supported it is not as imperative to secure the backstays during a gybe, as is the case with an inline spreader rig. During a gybe with asymmetric spinnakers there is a considerable period when the sail is not drawing therefore reducing the rig loads. Twin topmast backstays have the added advantage of allowing a larger roached mainsail which will not chafe or hook up in lighter conditions.

The Stopm38 is an ideal club or regatta racer with a racing crew of eight or fewer for shorthanded racing or just getting away for a weekend cruising.

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Great stability with high ballast ratio – easily sailed short handed
Great club racer for family and friends
One design for great class, PHRF and IRC racing
Standard amenities that will please Mum, Dad and the kids
Standard lifting keel makes for ease of trailering and dry sailing
Electronically operated trim tab on the keel
Retracting and articulating carbon fiber bow sprit.
Anchor well in the bow and lockers in aft cockpit for storage.
Low maintenance finish
Ergonomically designed cockpit with coaming to keep the crew dry
The Numbers
LOA 11.58m 38.0ft
Beam 3.7m 12.1ft
Draft Up 0.68m 2.2ft
Down 2.8m 10.2ft
I 14.69m 48.2ft
J 4.55m 14.9ft
P 15.87m 52.1ft
E 5.6m 18.4ft
LP 4.76m 15.6ft
Prod 3.5m 11.5ft
Sail area Up 99.5sqm 1071sqft
227.7sqm 2459sqft
Complete boat 1740kg 3828lb
Keel 1830kg 4026lb
Total Sailing weight 3570kg 7854lb
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